The behind-the-wheel and Theory instructors must possess a certified class of Commercial Driving License (CDL) along with pertinent endorsements or possess either:

  • In-hand two years of commercial driving experience in operating a commercial motor vehicle which requires a Commercial driving license (CDL)
  • A minimal two-year on-road experience as a behind-the-wheel commercial motor vehicle instructor.
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All the instructors must comply with mandatory qualifications of the state requirements for delivering training as professional commercial motor vehicle instructors. But certain obligations towards the requirements for behind-the-wheel and theory range instructors who earlier possessed a Commercial Driving License, but in the present scenario can't maintain one. In some diverse cases, there are some legal constraints for range instructors of behind-the-wheel and theory instructors who had their Commercial Driving License (CDL) suspended, revoked, or canceled by sections 383.51 which specifically demonstrate provisions in the disqualification of commercial driving license.

Training Provider Registry (TPR):

The Training Provider Registry is developed and formulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The system is devised to enlist every relevant ELDT trainer provider who is approved and accredited by the FMCSA. The Training Provider Registry (TPR) supports every ELDT training provider to relent ELDT completion information of applicants on the Training Provider Registry. The submission of information to the TPR serves as proof that the entry-level driver applicant has successfully commenced the required Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT). The Training Provider Registry also catalogs the entire information of the ELDT training providers under the FMSCA new Entry-Level Driving training rules. To meet the eligibility criteria for listing on the Training Provider Registry, the training provider instructors and institutions must:

  • Cross-verify and abide by the curriculum which synchronizes with the criteria listed in Sections 380, Appendices listing from A through E.
  • Delivering Training with adequate facilities of range and classroom in adherence with every state, federal, and/or regulation of the local statutes.
  • Provide training with similar vehicles which are relevantly used in Behind-the-wheel training and comply unilaterally by every federal, state, and/or local regulation/statute.
  • Impart optimal training by the theory instructions which thoroughly comply with the definitions in section 380.605 of the FMCSA guidelines.
  • Employ Instructors who adhere to the definitions as per the FMCSA guidelines in section 380.605.
  • Be Registered, accredited, certified, and authorized by the FMCSA to deliver driver training in specific accordance with existing comprehensive regulatory laws of a similar state, where the training of the aspiring applicant is commenced.

Certification process of Training Provider Registry (TPR):

When an individual executes and finishes the entire training by the provider enlisted on the Training Provider Registry. The training provider submits the certification report of training completion via electronic transmission through the website of the Training Provider Registry.

Every Training Provider on the TPR retains the reports of the following records:

  • Specific Regulations which are mentioned in FMCSR parts 382,383,391,40, as well as state/and or local laws, which are in relation with the alcohol and illegal substances, age of testing, licensing, records of drivers, and medical certifications are applied to all accepted applicants who are certified for behind-wheel-training and every certified applicant must comply with the mentioned regulations.
  • An imprint copy of driver-trainee Commercial Driver Permit (CDL) or Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP) in the simultaneous application.
  • Qualified Documentation of instructor which indicates the driver and/or training experience as applicable for every instructor and CDL copies which are generally specific endorsements withheld by instructors of Theory and Behind-the-wheels as per the recommendations.
  • The form of registration of the Training Provider must be submitted on the training provider registry.
  • Submission of applicable training curricula lesson plans for theory and behind-the-wheel training which includes both range and public road.
  • Submission of records of assessments of every applicant's entry-level driver training.

The trainer providers who are listed on the TPR are supposed to retain training records of at least three years since, the date each requisite record is applicably generated. In certain scenarios wherein the Commercial Driving License (CDL) of a training instructor behind-the-wheel gets canceled or expired is supposed to update the license by recently recommended guidelines embedded by FMCSA. In some rare cases, the federal, local, or state regulatory authorities reckon prolonged retention periods for any catalogs listed under the formulation of commercial driver license guidelines.