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Do you want to become a truck driver but not sure if truck driving is a good career or not, which offers great benefits? A truck driving career is becoming more profitable, and as the trucking industry is expanding, an impressive number of truck driving advantages are coming along with it. Here, we are going to discuss the top benefits of becoming a truck driver to help you to make your decision.


Truck drivers gain from moderate salaries as drivers who are new to the industry average earnings is $50000 or more after training. According to Indeed, the average income of truck drivers is about $77,473 each year. After several years of experience, further opportunities open up, including becoming independent truckers or owner operators where the average income leaps to $1,60,000 or more each year.

Salaries for truckers range from $50,000 to $1,60,000 or more depending on what type of truck driver you are.

Some of the results of highest paying trucking salaries are:
Owner operators - $221000
Team Drivers - $65700 - $80300
Ice road drivers - $60000 - $78000 ( each three to four months)
Specialty Vehicle Haulers - $67000 - $89000
Oversized Load - $73000 - $120000

Health Insurance

Truck drivers working with trucking companies enjoy a full range of benefits like health, dental, vision and life insurance, just like other workers. With most trucking companies these advantages are also offered for your family and can be found in several forms like Medicaid and CHIP.

Job Security

With the rising economy, the trucking industry is also escalating and is referred to as the backbone of the national economy. The demand for truck drivers is directly proportional to the demand of the truck drivers. This continuous shortage of truck drivers has gradually resulted in the demand for hiring more truck drivers, and serving its own benefit of increased job security for the truck drivers.

Recruitment is one of the highly antagonistic features in the trucking industry, therefore, when you opt for pursuing a career in the trucking industry, you have more expansive options in comparison with other job seekers of the professions.

This is also a benefit for those who want to find a truck driving job with no experience.No degree required

Truck drivers are earning equal to many professions requiring advanced education. You can become a truck driver in as less as three weeks and also obtain endorsements for your commercial drivers license.

Class A CDL is required for being eligible for the operation of heavy trucks for handling and carrying more profitable types of freight for increasing the prospects of income. Therefore, no degree is needed to be a truck driver, but a CDL is compulsory for operating trucks for heavier loads.

The cost to train for a truck driving career ranges anywhere from $3000 to $8000 if you attend a private training school or community college. Therefore, it is possible to obtain your Class A CDL training without paying a dime in return for entering into a one or two contract with many of the larger trucking companies. To find out more about obtaining a CDL ensure to check out our article :


In trucking, with a job comes an incredible opportunity of traveling while earning. It is a chance to take in the breathtaking skylines of American cities to the wide variety of landscapes across the nation, including deserts, mountains, oceans and everything in between. You can even align your vacations with drop offs in the areas you would like to visit and explore.

Freedom and Flexibility

The driver's perspective is they love the freedom they have and enjoy the scenery. Truck drivers enjoy personal freedom while working - no boss looking over their shoulder, no office politics, no corporate grind. While driving, your mind is free to listen to podcasts, music, audiobooks or talk with their friends or family. In addition to that, they're free of dealing with morning commutes to the office and paperwork- it's just you, your truck and the open road.

Trucking can also be flexible depending on personal life and how much you want to work. You can schedule your routes, be it long or short beneficial to accommodate your own back office support of a large carrier.

Improving Industry

The trucking industry has a huge record of remaining at the forefront of technological progress.Majority of the trucking companies refurbish their fleets with better and advanced quality of trucks which have mobile computing technology for easing the job and delivering results with more efficiency.

Self- driving vehicles are on the horizon, and rather than replace drivers they will make the job safer and more efficient to perform than ever before. In addition, the trucking industry is in a constant state of expansion and is expected to increase by 35% by 2029 as per the American Trucking Association.

The career of truck driving might not be the most gratifying career but it offers many benefits and perks in comparison with other careers in the industry. Therefore, the trucking career will always be considered as a demanding choice for any aspirant looking for a long-term rewarding career.

The profession of Truck driving offers significant benefits like adventure, experience and decent wages. Therefore, if you are someone who is aspiring to begin a dynamic career in the trucking industry and looking forward to the classified Class A CDL training contact Punjab Truck Driving School today in Fresno, California.