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Punjab Truck Driving School has been ranked as one of the appraised trucking schools all over the nation. To get started with your high-income trucking career call us at (559) 835 4100. To become a certified truck driver one needs to attend CDL training from a certified training school. We ensure that students receive optimal training in qualifying for their certified CDL Class A license.
Our trucking school in California enjoys a dignitary national reputation in Truck driving drills and we have endorsed several scholars over the years, with thousands of graduates who have passed and received their certified CLASS A CDL license within the requisite timeframe. For truck driving in California or all across the United States, there is no minimum number of training hours required.

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School for Truck Driving in California

14 hours is the standard duration for truck driving in California and we ensure that our drivers are trained accordingly so that they can feasibly work for such long durations. To obtain your Class A CDL license there is an open opportunity to choose any trucking school but Punjab truck driving school immensely emphasizes that our students and trainees are provided with relevant information in regards to commercial truck driving.

Our trucking schools in California and Utah take into utmost consideration that trainees are certified for their Class A CDL license. Punjab Truck driving school offers precise modules, flexible timetables, purposeful and personalized equipment, student-friendly atmosphere with very welcoming and kind mentors.

Our Truck Driving School Crew

Our Truck Driving School's mentors are experts in our profession and we are very comprehensive in our approach. Our mentors carry exemplary outlook and we deliver CDL classes in a certified demeanor so that trainees receive upright experience with practical knowledge in handling commercial vehicles on road. The mentors at Punjab Truck Driving School in California and Utah carry specialized on-road experience and we ensure that a similar framework is delivered to the aspiring individuals who are looking forward to developing their lucrative career in the trucking industry.

The instructors of Punjab Truck Driving School impart lessons in numerous methodologies and our instructors are updated with current information which is optimally delivered to the thousands of scholars who attend our training lessons on an annual basis. Our instructing team thoroughly analyzes the existing demands of our trainees and we simultaneously line up absolute principles of driving commercial vehicles with trainees and students.

Punjab Truck Driving School prepares its students with furnished CDL classes and we complete behind-the-wheel driving instructions so that students are absolutely equipped to begin their professional career in the trucking industry. Our trucking school lays immense focus on delivering its scholars and trainees with the outclassed trucking instructions of higher values for upheld job assignments. Punjab Trucking School in California has significantly received a respectable nationwide reputation in the trucking business for its perfection in delivering on-time excellent training lessons for amateur individuals who are aspiring to join a high-income trucking business.

In uncertain circumstances, aspiring truck drivers who have Class 1 licenses but don't possess experience in professional truck driving can contact our team of instructors, they will accept your contingency with the utmost respect and they will help you in applying for a Class 1 driver job in our associated transport companies Punjab Trucking School in California and Utah respectively.

What Sets Punjab Truck Driving School Apart?

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Extensive experiential knowledge in acknowledging and training thousands of trucking graduates over the years.

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3 to 4 week Class A CDL Training and Assessment preparation with flexible and formative timetables.

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Comprehensive and Entrusted training atmosphere

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Elite Equipment for preparation.

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Professional on-site amenities.

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Experienced and licensed on-site recruiters.

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Prepared for a prospectively thrilling career? Planned and prepared to experience diverse locations? Inclined to brand more money? Call us now at +1 (559) 835-4100 to discover your options and how soon you can get started. One of our consultants will take care of your queries and they will transparently direct you towards the process of attaining your CDL CLASS A license.

Our PTDS team will assist you in providing absolutely relevant clarification for developing your career as a specialized professional truck driver. One can easily estimate how our Punjab Truck Driving School trainees, scholars, and truck drivers have developed the volume of attention in the operation of their commercial automobiles. Our trainees and scholars after their training immediately develop relevant skills which involve professional parking procedures, perfect reversing and steering of heavy-duty commercial vehicles, and passing of all relevant regulatory safety skills. Our training practices involve prior drills which input all perspectives of safety and precautions. Recently Punjab Truck Driving School in California was ranked and renowned nationwide all over the internet.

PTDS positions its truck-driving school aspirants in the foundational aspects of old-fashioned hard efforts. We uphold robust relations with big-name carriers and contribute sculpted scholarly help beforehand, throughout, and afterwards their CDL Class A classes

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