It is very challenging to pass the CDL test and acquire a driving license. Once the aspirant clears all the driving tests and examinations of CDL all the career opportunities in the trucking industry are unlocked. The formulation of CDL is a considerable accomplishment for aspiring truck drivers. The driver is also imparted with the responsibility of safe ownership of their Commercial Drivers License. The operation of commercial vehicles is a formidable task and therefore, miscarriage might lead to suspension or disqualification of the CDL. If the license of any individual is revoked, it is almost impossible to continue a career in the trucking industry, because all companies reject the hiring process of the disqualified driver. If you are someone who has recently received their CDL license in California or if you are a novice in the trucking industry, you must consider the following key points, to avoid scenarios of suspension of your Commercial Drivers License.

Listed below are the key points to avoid suspension of your CDL.

1. Receiving Traffic Violations:

While driving a commercial vehicle, the driver is required to be very vigilant and cautious. The alertness of drivers will ensure the prevention of accidents and safety for himself and everyone on the road. Improper handling of the vehicle on the busy road leads to mishaps, traffic violations, and suspension of the Commercial Drivers License. Traffic violations are one of the resolute offenses, therefore federal government considers the following offenses as key factors of deliberate violations.

  • Disproportionate Speeding of 15 miles per hour or more above the speed limit of that area.
  • Not maintaining adequate distance or following other vehicles in very close proximity.
  • Unwarranted changing of lanes without any indication.
  • Driving recklessly in lanes of busy traffic.
  • Unnecessary distractions while driving in traffic.
  • Using personal mobile phones while driving.
  • Not carrying CDL while driving Commercial vehicles.

If one gets cited for two of these traffic violations in three years, the CDL license in California may be revoked for at least 60 days. If one receives a ticket for three of them in three, it might lead to suspension of CDL for 120 days.

Other cases of serious traffic violations are considered even more imprudent offenses. Major cases of traffic violations can result in loss of Commercial Drivers License for at least 1 year or three years in the cases of hauling of hazardous materials.

The major violations are listed as:

Driving commercial vehicles in the influence of alcohol or drugs
Declining undertaking of drug and alcohol detection tests.
Fleeing from the scene of an accident.
Operating commercial vehicles with suspended CDL.
Committing unlawful felonies with commercial vehicles.

2. Impermissible Results of the drug tests:

It is mandatory for the truck drivers to clear every requirement of CDL (Commercial Drivers License) drug tests bypassing each and every relevant drug test. The government and FMCSA new entry-level driving training rules laid strict guidelines for every truck driver to pass all the approved drug and controlled substances tests. The tests are usually undertaken at the time of employment. Examples of drug testing scenarios might include the involvement of an individual in a fatal accident, receiving a ticket for causing an accident that has resulted in serious injuries, or vehicle damages. One can also be subject to drug tests if he/she is under suspicion of law enforcement entities that they are operating commercial vehicles under the drug influence. All the truckers are subject to unexpected drug tests from law enforcement officers. If truck drivers are found under the influence of a drug or controlled substances in the drug test results, the individuals might get their CDL revoked permanently or they might end up eventually losing their job.

3. Offenses under Drunken Driving:

One of the prominent reasons for the suspension and disqualification of CDL is driving a commercial vehicle under the influence of alcohol. The CDL license in California can also be revoked even if the truck driver is driving his/her personal vehicle under the influence of alcohol. The CDL (Commercial Drivers License) can also be suspended if the driver's blood alcohol content (BAC) is not in compliance with the standard legal limits of 0.08. The test results of BAC are 0.04 or higher and can result in the suspension of CDL. The suspension can also result from a few months to one year if the offense has been committed for every test time. In cases of deliberate commitment of offenses for a second or third time could lead to permanent disqualification of CDL. The driver can also permanently get disqualified from CDL or truck driving if he is hauling and operating hazardous materials under the influence of alcohol.

4. Driving with lapsed CDL (Commercial Drivers License):

The truck driver should abstain from the operation of commercial vehicles at all costs if his/her CDL has expired. If the driver continues to drive commercial vehicles with the lapsed license, the individual is subject to heavy fines and permanent loss of truck driving jobs. It is obligatory and mandatory to get the CDL renewed on time before expiry. The procedure of license renewal includes completion and passing of a new medical examination. After clearance of medical, the individual needs to show the present CDL and pay the fees for the formulation of the new CDL. The individual is also required to show proof of US citizenship.

It takes a lot of time and effort to attain a CDL license in California. The CDL (Commercial Drivers License) opens up opportunities for aspiring truck drivers to begin their prosperous careers in the trucking industry. The profession delivers lifelong results, income, and resources for the driver and their family. The new and former truckers must comply with the federal rules and regulations for ensuring safety for themselves and everyone on the road. Compliance with laws supports the integrity of the industry and profession. Therefore, it is one of the reasons why truckers take pride in their job and collectively serve the nation.