CDL restriction codes are used by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to indicate certain limitations or requirements for Class A CDL holders. These codes are important because they help make sure the safety and security of drivers, passengers, and other road users. Some common California CDL restriction codes include restriction code 50, which requires the driver to wear corrective lenses while driving, and restriction code 46, which restricts the driver to operating a vehicle with automatic transmission. Other CDL restriction codes may indicate the need for a hearing aid or for a driver to operate a commercial vehicle only within a certain geographic area. It is important for Class A CDL holders to be familiar with the California DMV restriction code list to ensure compliance with all relevant requirements.

The License CDL Endorsement Codes/DMV restriction codes are as follows
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  • The Endorsements provide many additional benefits and liberties.
  • The License Endorsement codes are printed on the anterior side of your license on the line beneath the "Expiration date" field printed after the character "E."
The descriptions of endorsements are printed on the posterior side of the licensed document.

Driver License Endorsement Codes For Non-Commercial and Commercial Drivers

F Farm Class A Vehicles
G Farm Class B Vehicles
H Hazardous Materials
M Metal Coil
N Tank Vehicles
P Passenger Transport
R Recreational Vehicles GVWR over 26,000 lbs
S School Bus
T Doubles/Triples
W Tow Truck
X Tank/Hazmat

CDL License Restriction Codes For Non-Commercial and Commercial Drivers

The federal limitations are legally binding restrictions on the commercial driving license.
The License restriction codes are printed on the anterior end of the license on the line under the "Expiration date" and "E" Endorsement Fields, after the letter "R."
The description of any restriction that you have is at the posterior end of the licensed document.

A Accel Left of Brake
A1 Temporary Visitor
A2 Problem Driver (Class D only)
A3 Med Cert Exemption (Commercial Class Only)
A4 Ignition Interlock Device (The interlock device is not required in a motor vehicle owned by the licensee's employer if the vehicle is used in course of the licensee's employment. The employer must consent to the use of the vehicle without the device.)
B Corrective Lenses
C Mechanical Aid
D Prosthetic Devices
E No manual transmission equipped CMV (Commercial Class only.)
E1 Automatic Transmission
F Outside mirrors
F1 A hearing aid or full-view mirror
G Daylight driving only
H Limited to employment
I Limited Use Auto Max 40 MPH
I1 Limited Use MCY Max 40 MPH (Motorcycle class only)
I2 Limited Use MCY Max 30 MPH (Motorcycle class only)
I3 Limited Use MCY Max 20 MPH (Motorcycle class only)
I4 Three Wheel MCY (Motorcycle class only)
K CDL intrastate (No operation out NYS for commerce) Only (Commercial Class only)
L No airbrake equipped CMV (Commercial Class only)
L1 No airbrake equipped Class A CMV (Commercial Class only)
L2 No airbrake equipped Class B CMV (Commercial Class only)
M No Class A Passenger VEH (Commercial Class only)
N No Class A and B Passenger VEH (Commercial Class only)
N1 No vehicle designed for 15 or more adult passengers (Commercial Class only)
N2 No vehicle designed for 8 or more adult passengers (Commercial Class only)
O No Tractor/ Trailer CMV (Commercial Class only)
O1 No Tractor/ Trailer CMV / Truck not over 26,000 GVWR (Commercial Class only)
O2 No Tractor/ Trailer CMV / Truck not over 18,000 GVWR (Commercial Class only)
P No Passengers in CMV bus (Commercial Learner Permit only)
P1 Power Brakes
Q Power Steering
R Built-up Seat/ Ped/ Shoe
U Hand-Operated Brake
V Medical Variance (Commercial Class only)
V1 Foot Operating Brake
W No vehicle over 18,000 lbs
X No cargo in CMV Tank Vehicle (Commercial Learner Permit only)
X1 Full hand Control
Y Shoulder Harness Use
Z No Full airbrake equipped CMV (Commercial Class only)
Z1 Wheel Spinner
4 Telescope Lens 4
5 No access limit Rds

Additional Information

Every Class A CDL, B, and C license which are issued by the 50 states are having its "CDL" or "Commercial Driver License" in the front end of the license. Commercial drivers across the nation are supposed to carry articulated classes of a license issued under federal regulations of their state of residency.

Some Important Abbreviations

CMV Commercial Motor Vehicle
CDL Commercial Driver's License
LBS Pounds
GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
MTCY ONLY Motorcycle only
< Less Than