It's a myth that only higher degrees can earn you a secure, high earning job, but If you look around there are numerous options that can offer you a good pay package and keep you satisfied. Driving a truck is one good and bright career option. There are many reasons to take up driving a truck as a full-fledged career.

Trucking is just not only for fun and adventure, but also gives you a secure future where you will always be in demand. If you are passionate about driving and like to travel, then you are an appropriate person to be a truck driver. Truck driving as a career does not require any academic degree, but you just need to be excellent at driving skills and you need to be time-sensitive. Trucking, though it might sound fun, requires a lot of training and licensing.

Truck drivers are an important part of every business. All the products we use are moved from one place to another in trucks. Therefore, always in demand for good truck drivers to be running on the road for your business

What is Required to be a Truck Driver?

A Class A CDL training program which prepares aspirants to land entry-level jobs as commercial truck drivers who will be capable to drive over-the-road, regional, or local. A Class B CDL permits you to drive a single vehicle with a vehicle weight of more than 26,000 pounds for example as a tow truck, dump truck, delivery truck, or utility truck.

How to Get the Best School CDL License Near You?

Punjab Truck Driving School is located in Fresno California is the most reliable truck driving school in California, which helps you get your CDL license with expertize and proficiency. This delivers you everything that you require ahead of time before you hit the road for a bright future. This campus provides you a complete training facility for aspirants, including ample driving range space for training maneuvering, alley dock training, parallel-parking, and backing.

For most of our aspirants, enrolling in a truck driving school in California is the first step towards becoming a professional truck driver. It is a new career choice and signing up for a truck driver training program is a fast move towards a profuse job market. Entering the truck driving profession is a journey that will be transformative for most that embark upon it.

Start Your Career in Truck driving in Fresno, California

Punjab Truck Driving School, Inc. offers Class A CDL training programs to help you start a new trucking career. Aspirants have the opportunity to learn everything from basic CDL class A skills test preparation and CDL refresher courses to extensive career programs. Each driver training program gives aspirants a 'hands-on' familiarity with the modern transportation equipment used today.

Exclusive Fast Track Courses

A great opportunity to polish up your skills, fast track course for those who already possess CDL License and want to get back in the industry. All you require to go through back on track of your truck driving career. The duration of the course is shorter as a CDL holder would not require intense training as a beginner who is completely new to the industry.

Best-In-Class Training Experience

PTDS serves interactive learning experiences during lectures by skilled instructors. A reliable training house with specified goals and objectives. The instructors possess a wealth of experience and professionalism with an amicable approach.

Best Training and Certification

PTDS provides class A commercial driver license training (CDL). The most important factor for the aspirants to accelerate their career in the trucking industry. PTDS ensures high-level training to all the aspirants for a successful career providing proper certification complying with driving school standards

Advanced Technical Training

Punjab Truck Driving School introduces aspirants to the latest tools and types of equipment for a better driving experience which will reduce hardship while trucking. We use tech during the course not just to forward freight more efficiently but also to improve the standard of living of future truck drivers.

Patient and Amicable Instructors

Punjab Truck Driving School is a house to trained, certified, and experienced instructors who work persistently to pass on their knowledge and skills to the students. These trainers provide the best training with a friendly approach. The instructors at PTDS are hospitable and helpful to the extent that the aspirants feel comfortable in their company instead of making the training process stressful

Facilitates of Airport Pickup & Drop

One of the exclusive facilities at Punjab Truck Driving School is the only class A CDL school that offers airport pick-and-drop which is a perk for aspirants to ensure their comfort and ease. We consider stress free traveling especially to a new place, so one of our top priorities is to make our trainees feel at home from the moment they enter the region.

Our mission is to improve lives by giving all trucking school aspirants the opportunity to pursue a driving career. The goal is to have aspirants successfully complete truck driving training, pass the CDL driving test, and land a job with the best class A CDL school. Because of this, aspirants leave with the professional driving skills and confidence that employers recognize and value. Along with our CDL training, aspirants attain the required qualifications to land a job as a professional truck driver.